About Elevate

Elevate began as a bricks and mortar Patient Referred Exercise Program. The purpose was to be a resource for doctors to help patients that could benefit from exercise and a healthier lifestyle. For 14 years and 40,000 patients the program did just that.

Patients lost weight, decreased blood pressure, lowered A1C, and improved their lifestyle over the course of 60 days. The program was a low barrier to entry option for non-exercisers with guidance and support to help meet short term goals. One challenge the program faced was geographical limits. Being housed in a fitness center made it challenging for patients who were not in close proximity. Ultimately, it was not a good solution beyond town, and state lines.

Enter COVID 19 and the need to reach people on a virtual platform and elevate was born. Taking all the support of previous program and adding Health Coaching, Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and accountability, elevate is designed to meet the participant where they are and  find a way to help them meet goals and discover how good you can be!

Via our virtual format we can help anyone anywhere.

Why Choose Elevate

1. Open communication with real clinical teams, not automated responses.

2. No Long Term Commitments

3. Full Experience. High Value

4. History of Success

5. Physician Designed + Trusted