Elevate Nutrition & Fitness engages your patients within 24hrs with the most talented Dietitians, Nurses, Coaches, & Certified Trainers in the Country.

Our Team Members are selected based upon a unifying goal to curb the trend of preventable lifestyle disease & empower people to maintain a new trajectory toward well-being.

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Referral Based Program

70% of interested patients engage when a referral is faxed by their Medical Provider vs. 25% only recommended without fax. 

High Engagement

Engage patients within 24hrs with appropriate outreach. Respectful, nonintrusive approach.

Patient-Centric Approach
Focus placed on identifying the real barriers to change & calling upon a range of skilled professionals to provide treatment & intervention.
6 Weeks 6 Tenets

Each week holds a focus. Patients benefit from expert help to improve; Physical Activity, Nutrition, Mindset, Habits, Acceptance & Execution

Growth Focus

Elevate does not exist to drive membership sales. Programs are designed with a progression focus, moving patients forward toward a level of mastery in sustaining better health.

Data Driven

HIPAA compliant software & user interface. Medical Providers receive a result letter for your records on each faxed referral. Biometric migration & self-reported data, SOP notes & coordinated care reporting included. Incomplete & declined enrollment letters included.


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