Employer Programs

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1. Elevate 6

For employers looking to provide their workforce with an effective health solution. Elevate6 is unique because we put food first. Employees meet with a Registered Dietitian prior to working one on one with a Certified Personal Trainer. After six weeks, participants see better results when eating the right types and amounts of food for exercise. Overseen by the Exercise Physiologist, and Registered Nurse, each employee starts their six weeks with a health history review, and high emphasis on goal setting. 

Tools, and resources are included in the Elevate6 corporate wellness solution via web portal, and phone application. Goal tracking, outcomes reporting, and participation reporting available for employer based incentive structures.

Elevate engages the nontraditional audience.

We create a low barrier to entry & take a non-intrusive approach to ensure employees feel they are being met with support. Nutrition, Physical Activity, Mindset & Time Management, Habit Formation, Decision Making & Execution are difficult behaviors to master as well as the underlying cause of health deficiencies in most populations. Targeting these areas in large and mid-sized groups has a pronounced effect on health maintenance and improvement to prevent those diseases from driving health care costs. We start where most interventions end, addressing quality improvement that can be made for the largest drivers of disease, depression, and employee morale.

Elevate is a program of addition. We meet those who think they have failed at being healthy and get them active. For those who are active, we help them maintain, or get to the next level. Elevate provides guidance, accountability, as well as access to the best tools, teams & facilities for employees to excel in the pursuit of good health.

2. Customized Health Education

Seminars - Six Tenet Approach

Single or multiple seminar session rate schedules E6 Program + Six Ed Seminar package reccommended

  1. Nutrition
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Mindset & Time Management
  4. Habit Formation
  5. Acceptance & Decision Making
  6. Execution

Individual, 1-on-1, or Small Group

Block or PEPM rate schedules vary

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Registered Nurse Coach
  • Clinical Health Coach

Fitness Business, Consulting & Medical Referrals

Elevate was born out of a successful medical referral business. We have the tools and best practices for your Fitness Business to become part of a larger goal to improve the health of our surrounding medical community. Please contact chenley@elevatesix.net for more information and pricing regarding these services.